Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Sewing Goals. With Consequences!

So it isn't Monday, but I am going to give my goals not just for this week, but for the rest of the summer (or until I leave September 2nd). Besides, Peter has gone all soft in the sweltering city heat, so I will have to state my goals here on my own blog. How dare he ;)

I had some grand ideas of what I would like to do, but then I had to evaluate those to figure out what is physically possible to do. So here it goes:
  • Finish the bleeping shirtwaist dress for once and for all. I did actually make some headway on it before the new store opened. Well two steps forward and then a couple back. Did I ever tell you how difficult it is to rip out a crooked buttonhole? Moving on!
  • Decide on two patterns to actually sew up before I leave for Italy. The first being a dress to wear on our anniversary trip to Cinque Terre and one for...whatever. The second is completely open. Just something that I will *actually* finish. Fabric and notions must be purchased and ready to go.
  • Set-up new sewing area. Obviously this will have to happen before goals one and two, but those are much more fun to think about. This goal involves opening boxes and rearranging things in a different house than my own. I should also take this opportunity to try to see what I absolutely need with me to sew a garment. This info will be helpful in packing my sewing gear to take to Rome.
  • Finish sewing for others. At this point that will involve a pocket and a button. If I get on goal two and three, I may have time for an overdue romper
  • Use my vintage sewing machine. It shames me that I have this great machine, repaired and ready to go and it has been collecting dust. So shameful, I know. But one of the two garments I sew must be sewed on the New Home. Otherwise, it is just a beautiful doorstop. Whatever it may be, I need to decide.
  • Sew said garments. Obviously not in the same week, I am not trying to go crazy before moving to a different country. But, they must be street ready. So if the hem is not done, and buttons aren't attached: it. is. not. done.
So there we have it. I am not giving myself too long to figure out the logistics of the two patterns. Those will be decided by tomorrow. I would also like to use fabric I already have in my stash for both projects, but I will not hold myself to that. What would be the fun of that?  ;)

I think that sounds reasonable. Although, I think I need something to motivate me even more...some type of repercussion if I fail. Maybe if I don't get to at least one goal done by next Tuesday I will have to give away fabric from my stash. And it will not be of my choosing. I will have Laurel do it. She'll know where it will hurt the most. Let's see how motivating those four little letters on that black bag are... 

Laurel and faithful followers (even possible potential owners of my coveted stash) are with me? Will you hold me accountable?!

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  1. Muahahahaha. You'd better finish what you start, young missy, or I'll paw through that stash in a heartbeat! You know I am a great collector of fabric even if I never use it. ;P