Friday, January 29, 2010

First order of sewing business...

Simplicity 4047, which is now out of print. I am thinking of sewing the top first and if I have time, the skirt. I work all day today and tomorrow, but Sunday afternoon is free! Weeee! I have fabric that has been in my stash since last summer that has been earmarked for these projects specifically. I have exhausted my resources for reviews of this pattern. One woman made this top three times, so I can only hope this a good sign. The pattern seems to be fairly straightforward. Hopefully I won't be eating my words Sunday night. (But what will I eat on Sunday???)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sewing Pattern Time! Hooray!!

Even though I have an ever growing pile of patterns, I still woke up to an alarm to remind me of the sale on Vogue patterns at Joanne's. It was just too tempting. With all of my will power I walked away with just two patterns in my hot little hands. Two! I say victory. Or, the fact that not much else was appealing to me and my pattern-cohort. And ALL of the McCall's patterns were only two bucks. Doesn't say much for McCall's. On to the patterns —who were the lucky winners? A great little number from Anna Sui (shown above), which I am already thinking about sewing in black. Or a black pattern. Or navy. Well, we'll get to that later. And then this:

It looks, um, slightly complicated. Okay, it looks very complicated. Actually, it is "Advanced" (scary). Even the description made me a little sweaty. But how can I not at least try? How do we advance if we don't go into unknown sewing territory? Am I just making excuses for my purchase?? Look how cute it is!!! In all of its vintage-y details! Whatever. It is in the queue. Somewhere.

Soon to follow, perhaps my queue.