Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Worksheet 2

perhaps an unknown start to my style from Rome 2011...

Defining Your Core Style

This week's exercise was about taking all the answers from the last excercise and boiling them down to a few words and images. I thought this would be pretty easy since I thought I had really narrowed it down with the last exercise, but I was (again) wrong.

I put together a list of words that defined my style. This list grew to about 20 words. Out of those words I could only choose 3-5 to really hone it in. This was the challenge. There were words that I wanted, but when I really thought about them they didn't really encapsulate what I meant. For example, I wanted a word to explain my love for the quality, quirky, uniqueness and charm of vintage. Going with "quirky" didn't cut it, since that word on its own implied (to me, at least) that my style is a bit funky and out-of-the-box, which it is not. "Quality" would work, as in workmanship and materials, yet isn't what I wanted either. The words "couture" and "luxe" were tested, but eventually thrown out since they implied (again, to me) a bit too high fashion than I want to convey. See? Tricky.

So, finally after much deliberation and waffling, then finally a firm decision, here are my final 5 words.

Classic: tailored, fitted and classic lines
Preppy: collegiate, borderline nerdy, with that classic New England touch
Feminine: soft and romantic, yet with some sensual undertones
Cozy: something warm—whether colors or mood
Vintage: inspiration from the details and styling from 1920-1960's

Armed with these words and images, I feel like I am starting to find a momentum and I am excited about the next step—shapes! Yay! I think I know where I am heading, and I like it. That is important, right? I want to be excited about getting dressed in the morning and about the clothes that hang in my closet. I know it is still really early (this is only step 2 of 14!), but I am motivated, committed *and* eager. I am taking this as a good sign.

Do you know your own core style? Or are you muddling around like me, yet slowly finding your way? Or are you still lost out in the sea of overwhelming fashion choices? There is just so much pretty out there!

Ciao ciao!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finished: Knitted Baby Blanket

How cute is that? I have one sweater, one cardigan and one hat all on different needles, but look: I made a blanket! It is only a baby blanket (read:small), but still it is done and from these pictures, badly blocked. Hah!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Does Willie Nelson like pink?

You would think that I love to punish myself. I am, yet again, giving myself another deadline before a vacation. I am leaving on Tuesday for San Antonio to see my sister, but while I am there I am going to see...can you guess? Willie Nelson! I bet you smarty-pants probably figured out by my super mysterious post title. I can't get anything past you.

Now. Let's talk Western Shirts.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Worksheet 1

both my grandmothers in their early 20's

Making Style More Personal

Taking my history, philosophy, location, body issues and culture into consideration is the first week's exercise for the Wardrobe Architect by Colette. This, as I assume will happen with most of these worksheets, was much harder for me to do than I thought. Since all my answers would take a super long post, I am only going to share a couple of my answers. You're welcome :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Door Closes....

from our trip to the Banfi Estate in 2011

I am no longer a cheesemonger.

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Thoughtful Process: Wardrobe Architect Project

Unless you are an avid reader of sewing blogs like I am, it is possible that you missed this great series on Colette earlier this year, the Wardrobe Architect. I read it every week inspired, yet wasn't able to find the time or the steam to actually see the project through. Then this happened this morning:

I woke up. Showered. Went to my closet. I stood there looking at the clothes that hung and even though there are lots of choices hanging, nothing made me excited to wear it. Lots of options but nothing that I wanted to wear.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Butterick 5970: Hook & Eye Hell

It has been awhile since I last posted. Sigh. You know, I seem to start a post with that sentence so much that it almost doesn't need to be written anymore. You good with that? Good. Here we go.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Finished: The Barbecue Dress

This dress has been done for a little bit. What do I mean by a little bit? Well, how about over two years. Gasp! Yes, I am officially the worst sewing blogger there is.