Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another door opens...

..and here is the key!

This lovely little key will unlock the new door of a soon-to-be brick and mortar shop that I am opening up in May/June of this year in Exeter, NH. Is it exciting? Yes. Am I ready? Getting there. Am I scared? Out of my mind!

I have been tossing this idea around for a few years, and I think the perfect space has become available. It is this location that has pushed me off my paralyzed-fear-of-failure-fetal-position. I have been encouraged by my friends and family to take this leap. I am now ready to leap.

I am hoping to create, in my small neck of the woods, a shop that will be able to outfit you with the tools and materials to sew, knit or quilt anything your heart desires. There will be classes and studio time, there will be sew and knit-a-longs, and there will be treats. And maybe wine! I am working on that angle :)

What does this mean for my little corner space here? It means that I eventually I will be moving the blog and new posts over to the blog on the store's website. You might even see some duplicate postings over there in the next few weeks ( this post!), but I will let you know when I make the final jump. So hop on over to Pintuck & Purl to take a look :)

Ciao Ciao!