Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blog Hop + Bop(py)

Blog Hop: One fun blogger nominates two other fun bloggers to participate by answering a bunch of questions and then forwarding it on to two new bloggers. A way cooler version of a chain letter.

Boppy: A U-shaped coaster for holding your baby so that it does leave a water mark on your coffee table. Or something like that.

Let's start with the baby stuff first:

I am sure those that can sew can all relate when someone you love mentions that they hate all of the commercial X out there because the fabric is all ugly. And then you almost always hear yourself saying out loud, "I can totally make that!" You can insert shirt, dress, coat, or in this case a Boppy Pillow cover. Yes. Another baby project. I promise, I have some actual projects that do not include *any* baby things. Pinky swear.

I found a free online pattern for the pillow here, but most tutorials (and many are out there) mostly have you trace the pillow itself. Since patterns are more in my comfort-zone, I went that way. The design is simple: two U's cut out and sewn together with a zipper on the back curve. The pattern was simple, although if I were to make it again I would shave off a bit on the bottom curve as it doesn't fit the form as snug as I would like. My sister chose a light quilting cotton, so I underlined with white muslin to make it a bit more robust. I also inserted an invisible zipper, which in hindsight, I would not do again. I thought it would be a cleaner finish, but it looks a bit lumpy at the edges and I don't think is as sturdy as a regular zipper. Time will tell on that one.

All in all, it didn't take me long to to do, but I am definitely not going to open up an etsy shop selling these.

On to the hop!

I was asked by the lovely Patricia to continue on the Blog Hop and, even though I feel like I rarely post, I happily accepted. Unlike Patricia, I can never seem to get my butt behind the camera. She takes pictures in her lovely yard, but since I live in a condo and on a busy street, I would have people staring at me from all corners. Others don't seem to care, but I am not there yet. Maybe one day! Okay, enough procrastinating and on to the questions!

Why do you write?

I have always loved writing. Whether I am like that friend in the car that sings regardless that she has a bad voice, I still continue to write. I started this blog as a way, like most of us, to document what I was sewing as sort of journal. As I commented on other blogs, people commented on mine and I started to feel connected to people I had never met. The sewing community is just so...what is the word? Accepting. And encouraging. And supportive. Yes, there are sometimes some bad apples out there commenting, but most of the time we are all supportive to each other. I am a people person. I am a talker. This blends those two worlds while adding the creative process to the mix as well, which is great. Wait—if we all did it with cocktails in hand, then it would the best of *all* the worlds.

How is your blog different from others of the same genre?

This one kind of stumped me. Because, honestly, it isn't very different. I sometimes struggle with finding the time and energy to actually sew the garment and take photos and write the posts, that I seem to go in cycles where I will post a lot and then life will get in the way and I won't post for 3-6 months. I wish I had some uniqueness to my blog, but besides literally my own person and point of view, that is it. So, apparently, the only thing I have that is different is me. Cheesy right? Yes ma'am.

What are you working on now?

I am working on a new version of my ever-loved-but-never-blogged-about Meringue skirt with wool fabric from Rome. It has a thin darker grey diagonal stripe which means I should be able to create a chevron without having to cut the pieces on the bias. So, stay tuned for that.

What is your writing process?

My writing process is sadly as unstructured as my blogging and sewing schedule. Although, I will usually sit down with the garment on my dress form or pictures near by and work the title first. Then I just write until I am tired of hearing myself talk. Ha! I usually will walk away at this point, then come back and rework it. Then, possibly I will rework some more. Walk away, rework. Rinse and repeat. My biggest hurdle (besides picture taking!) is actually feeling good enough with the content that I press the "Publish" button. I am constantly tweaking words and sentences and at some point I just have to stop myself and post it. Otherwise you would see even far less posts, which would be a feat. This is something I am actively working on. It should take an hour (or two?) to write a post. It shouldn't be a week long process :) (By the way, I started typing this post this morning yesterday morning, so I feel like there is improvement! we still have a ways to go.)

To pass the torch on for the great Blog Hop I am nominating two of my favorite blogs to keep it going, Amanda of SewinintheRain with her serious love for the wrap-dress (and we can see why!) and fantastic sewing skills, and Amber of sewisewedthis with her fun posts and spunky sense of style. I am excited to see what they have to say as well.

Have you done the blog hop? Or do you remember chain letters? And does it take anyone else what seems like forever to write up a post?

Ciao ciao!


  1. Thanks for passing this along! Enjoyed reading your answers and getting a little insight into your blogging process. Also love your boppy definition, hehe, and it turned out really cute :)

    1. Thanks! It was actually kind of fun to sew the boppy, a lot less stressful :) I am excited to see your answers as well! It is always interesting to see how everyone gets to the end result.

  2. Read this on my commute yesterday and wasn't able to comment. Anyway, thanks for the nomination and glad to hear I'm not the only one who can take some time to hit "publish" on a post! Hopefully that means I'll get this post up sooner rather than later. :) Also, I like the word boppy. Yours came out great!

    1. You are more than welcome for the nomination! Yes, it is almost to the point of absurdity the amount of time it takes to make a post go live. Good to know I am not alone :)

  3. It's great to read your answers, Maggie. In your responses (as even in your cheese shop, before I knew you were a sewist), I admire your energy and your moxie. Thanks for following up on the blog hop. But oh! Next time, instead of coffee, I think we might need to do cocktails.

    1. I think cocktails are definitely in order next time we meet, which should be soon! I will be in touch to see what your schedule is like :)