Friday, January 29, 2010

First order of sewing business...

Simplicity 4047, which is now out of print. I am thinking of sewing the top first and if I have time, the skirt. I work all day today and tomorrow, but Sunday afternoon is free! Weeee! I have fabric that has been in my stash since last summer that has been earmarked for these projects specifically. I have exhausted my resources for reviews of this pattern. One woman made this top three times, so I can only hope this a good sign. The pattern seems to be fairly straightforward. Hopefully I won't be eating my words Sunday night. (But what will I eat on Sunday???)

For the top I have a nice silky, perhaps rayon (read: slippery), pale cream colored fabric that is lightly littered with a brown and black design. I think. It has been so long, I can't quite remember what the design is or exact colors. I think I have some extra lining if I need it. Cream can be a bit revealing, even though I don't have much to reveal, I should take the extra precaution ;)

As for the skirt, I have a great black/gray pinstripe, bought the same day as the top fabric. I was so decisive that day, although my pattern/fabric-cohort might remember something different :) I think I am aiming for the length in the drawing more than the photo, perhaps just below the knee? Stopping the hem right before my legs look like tree trunks? So much more pleasing to the eye. I do remember that this pattern call for using twill tape, which I have never used before, so that will be interesting. At least to me, again I may be wrong.

Why this pattern, do you ask, or even if you don't? I have selected this pattern because of the possibility of being easy and to build up my confidence before heading into uncertain terrain. And the fact I am always complaining about my lack of tops. Also, I don't actually own a pencil skirt. Are you shocked? I am. So, this will be the first one to add to my wardrobe.

As a side note/question out to the wide web world, if I finish these two projects, does that mean I get to buy more fabric?!? (I can hear a small voice that may sound like my husband yelling something vaguely negative) But I usually ignore that. Who wants to be negative? ;)


  1. You, indecisive? Never :) That is like me being sarcastic...

    Good luck with the project. I can't wait to see it!

    Two things: 1- You don't own a pencil skirt? Really? I swore we owned one ;P and 2- I think if I recall correctly, you were going to make four patterns before you bought more fabric ;P

  2. Your pal, Laurel has clued me in on your vintage about sweet sweet anticipation...luvin' it.
    Best wishes with your blogging,Maggie.

    Don (aka Weekend Designer)

  3. More fabric! Sounds great!