Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Apparently in my two month absence I thought that my decision making skills had evolved to a normal level. Since I sat over this pile for more than thirty minutes, and still haven't decided, I am positive they are still hovering in the painfully indecisive area. For the Anniversary dress, I am leaning towards the Michael Kors in the upper right or the Vintage Vogue right below it. Any thoughts?


  1. What about using the best elements of the two patterns you are leaning towards; namely, the skirt from the vintage one with the Michael Kors bodice? Like this. Either way, I hope it turns out awesome.

  2. Ooh, a Frankenpattern, I love those! Go for it!

    About indecisiveness, you're not alone here, the choice of patterns/fabric/styles is just too much!. Maybe this doesn't really apply to dresses or special occasion garments, but in general I've found that the "rule of 3" from Ali's blog helps me make more accurate sewing decissions:

  3. Oooh, I love even the sound of a Frankenpattern! And how cute is that dress! Thanks Kristin!

    Although, I think for this round I am going to just go with the straight Michael Kors (but the combo is definitely in the cards now). I did find a review of the Project Runway dress (top middle) that makes it jump up the queue. So to sum up— Micheal Kors: Anniversary dress, McCalls Skirt: project 2 (and the rule of 3 is a great, thanks for the link Irene). That is my final answer. Ladies, now time for fabric :)