Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sewing Mojo and Dupioni!

Have you ever had those sewing days where everything seemed to turn out right? Seams match up, linings/facings behave and you only have to rip out maybe one row of stitches? It doesn't happen very often for me, but recently I have been feeling great about my sewing.

I am currently working on the romper/playsuit which I said I would *try* to finish if I had time, but it has just been so great to sew, that I really want to finish it. It is a vintage Butterick, the second that I have sewed, but this one, which has printed pattern pieces, seems to go together much easier. Maybe my small two month hiatus really did bring back my love of sewing. Not that I had lost it, but that bleeping-shirtwaist dress, the other (non-printed) vintage Butterick, had me a little frustrated.

How cute are those shorts? I love the polka-dot fabric I used for the inside of the inset-belt. And it all seems to be going together smoothly. Am I about to jinks the whole thing?

Anyway, on to a question for those smarter than me. My fabric for the anniversary dress arrived the other day and it is beautiful. Now I am curious about prepping the fabric...any ideas for dupioni silk? I know I should have it dry-cleaned, but is there an easier or, perhaps, cheaper way of doing it? Otherwise, I might just go hacking into without any prep. Is that bad?? Any suggestions are appreciated.

The romper should be finished soon, as soon as I can get my sister to try the top on. And then my first flat-felled seams. Is that where my mojo will run out?  ;) Tuesday is right around the corner...


  1. I'm not sure you need to dryclean dupioni before you sew... I don't think it will shrink at the cleaners. I could be wrong though, so I would double check that info.

    I just sent a length of shantung (like dupioni but fewer slubs) through the washing machine and dryer. You can do that, but it will change the hand - it becomes more drapey, and loses a bit of sheen. I did it because I wanted to use the fabric for a non-formal dress, and I love the results... but do test wash a swatch if you want to try it!

  2. Oh, thanks for the tip! I might try a test piece in the washer/dryer like you said, but I may just go and cut it out. We will see how much energy I can muster up.

    I will check on shrinkage of dupioni, but hopefully you are right and it should be fine :)

  3. I made a skirt out of dupioni silk and was told to handwash it first, but it apparently takes the sheen off somewhat so I didn't bother. I am hoping drycleaning won't shrink it or wreck the texture...