Saturday, August 7, 2010

Romper Room!

Do you remember this little number? Yeah...the pattern I said that I was going to make for my sister's birthday, which was in June? Yup. Well, after I decided on which pattern for my Anniversary dress, I needed some help choosing the right color fabric for the dress.

As we know, I am not the best decision maker. I need support, so I drafted my sister for the job. She helped me pick a nice plum colored dupioni, but then asked about the existence of this pattern. Or really, if it was ever going to become a reality. Since my fabric won't arrive until Thursday, I decided to bring this one in and give it a go. If I can finish all of the sewing I promised to do before I leave that would be fantastic!  I have already sewn back on my dad's pocket, and the button will take no time at all. So, I technically have time for this little romper.

As of now, I have cut the fabric and sewn a test run of the shorts. This would be the second attempt at shorts/pants, so I know that usually we need some fiddling around. We may be tiny girls, but we certainly are not lacking a backside. I still need to cut interfacing, then I will start the shirt. Maybe (if I can locate/unpack my cable) I will also take some pictures of the work in progress. 

See? I am actually sewing and getting stuff done. Weeeee!

Hope your having a great weekend :)

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  1. Hurray for Rompers!! Can't wait to wear it for the summer... oh wait. First fitting went great, just as long as the shorts don't give me 80's ass. Keep up the good work!!! Love the updated header.