Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Goals with Progress!

Ah, Tuesday has found me again! And this time I have been able to accomplish the second easiest goal. After this is when I really have to start bringing in the big guns and put in some time, unless I want to lose some of my beloved stash to you readers. Laurel, the other day, had her eye on some of my vintage-looking silk from Mood. In order to not lose my stash here, is what my finished goal was for today:

  • Decide on two patterns to actually sew up before I leave for Italy. The first being a dress to wear on our anniversary trip to Cinque Terre and one for...whatever. The second is completely open. Just something that I will *actually* finish. Fabric and notions must be purchased and ready to go.

So that folks, brings me to another Tuesday. The pattern above, McCalls 5591 is the winning second pattern. The first, if you remember, has already been decided. I am trying to be logical and as much as I want to sew Simplicity 2724 it is going to have to wait. Also, my newest Vogue addition will also have to go on hold. I think a skirt is the way to go, and I don't remember the last time I sewed just a skirt!

I already have the fabric from my stash. A bright fun piece of cotton that I scored during my Texas trip. I may have to line it, but I think I have some fabric for that as well. I will do view A, with the contrast band on the bottom. What do you think? A good choice?

The two easiest goals are done. If I hadn't been kidnapped this past Saturday and forced to sit by a pool instead of sewing I would have much more done ;) I just need to hem the romper shorts and wait for the buttons to arrive and then that third goal will be done.  I still feel like I am getting a lot accomplished, even though my time is dwindling here in the states. I have sixteen days left before I leave. I need to get all this done before then. Can I do it?!

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