Friday, March 26, 2010

Shirtwaist Dress: Planning Phase Complete. (Yay!)

Seersucker. Black and white seersucker is what I finally decided for my shirtwaist dress. It is in my washing machine right now. Yay (again)! I am working on the muslin and had my trusty superfriend come and check the fit. I was getting concerned that the collar was a bit too big, but she thinks it will work. I am going to have to take in the bust area as it seemed a little too loose on me. But all in all, the fit was pretty good. If I can find someone to take pictures (hint, know who you are), I will post them.

I have decided to change a bit of the design. For this version I am going to make it sleeveless. I had thought about cap sleeves, but I think that sleeveless will be better. I was also thinking of adding pockets. I adore pockets. I might try to add some on the side seams of the skirt. I am also toying with the idea of binding all the edges in black seam binding, but we will see. All of that sounds very ambitious. :)

I had spent about an hour in Photoshop making a little image of my dress with the fabric swatch, and now I seemed to have lost it. Curses! I am not going to start again now, but maybe if I have a second or two at work I can do it again and put it up. At least you can see the detail in the line drawing above. I need one of those computer pads that they have on Project Runway. How cool would that be?!

This will be my second time working with seersucker. Before was just an a-line skirt, so this dress, with all of its darts, tucks and buttonholes (12 — yikes!), this will be much more of a challenge. Now that it is out there, those darn buttonholes, you know what that means: deciding on buttons. *sigh* This almost crippled me in my last endeavor. Although, I will have to look through those pics again, for I am still enamored of the idea of cherries. Can I do cherry buttons on black and white seersucker?  Too juvenile? Or just too much? 

Maybe just a cherry pin on the lapel? Hmmm. That means I will have to get crafty ;)

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  1. That's a fabulous pattern! I have trouble with buttons too. I usually can't decide and end up making covered ones--which are my favorites anyway.

    And let me add that I absolutely love your Janome New Home machine! Wow!