Monday, March 1, 2010

Vogue 1153: Indecision Thy Name is Ribbon (and buttons)

Being decisive has never been my strong point. When it comes to sewing, my indecision levels rise to new heights. I am convinced that since the options are limitless when sewing your own clothes that it makes committing harder. I am constantly second guessing, and always wondering if should have picked the other fabric/button/ribbon/or fill-in-the-blank. My new project is no different. Surprising? Not really.

Remember Vogue 1153? Here is the line drawing to refresh your memory. I have decided not to post the picture with the stripy fabric anymore. It hurts me to look at it.  But if you must, here is the link. I have chosen a navy linen blend for the fabric. In some lights, it even leans to the purple side of navy, but I think it will still work.

Navy Linen/Rayon Blend

The next choice was the ribbon, which took me a couple day to ponder. Do you know how many choices of ribbon there are out there?! It was pretty insane. Here were the top three choices:


I was leaning towards the one in the middle. Well, I have actually already purchased it at this great etsy store, so I guess that is what I am using. What do you think? Cute, no? It is cotton and vintage, so I thought it would look softer than grosgrain and fit in more with that overall look I am shooting for. Now, for the buttons:


Help! This is now where I am stuck. This etsy store had all of the choices above and more. I am sure I missed a bunch of other stores with other fabulous choices, but even I have my limits to the hours spent on etsy. 

Back to the buttons: I just can't decide which would work. Or would none of them work? Right now I think that the cherries on the white background or maybe the actual little cherries? But are they too young looking, as if I was making a dress for my three year old niece? Arrrgh! I don't know?!  I can't seem to commit to anything yet. If you stumble upon something that you think would work better, I am open to suggestions. Very open.

So far, I have attached the bodice lining and gathered the upper front. With the recent power outages from the wind storms around here (90 mph!), it has been difficult to make too much progress on this dress. We became a mini-hotel to those without heat/power this past weekend, which caused for some late nights without much sewing.

What is the verdict? Ribbon? Buttons?


  1. Updates! We demand updates! ;)

  2. nice! flip a coin if you must- whatever you choose will be your creation. I don't think you can go wrong with the options you've shown. nice blog!

  3. the great thing about the ribbons and buttons is that you can change them later if you don't like them, get bored of them, etc. - i find myself doing that!

    personally i like the red buttons that look kind of like flowers. :)

  4. Thanks guys for your comments, they are greatly appreciated!

    Jen, I really wanted to use red, but I had to finally go with a shell-type in blue. With the red, it started to look a little too patriotic. But, I can always change them for July!

  5. I just bought this pattern. Haven't opened it yet. Let us know how it goes.