Friday, February 26, 2010

Back In the Saddle: Vogue 1153

I am back. My sewing machine has a new color thread on it, and my last project is far from my eye (actually, it is shoved in a bag at the bottom of my closet.)  I am on to greener pastures :) Navy pastures, to be exact. I have moved on to Vogue pattern 1153 to get my mind of my teal Dubarry mess, which I recently had to break-up with. I felt that I needed to go to a contemporary pattern to surround myself with the comfort of printed tissue and the coddling of the more precise directions of today's sewing patterns. But there is a challenge with this pattern.

My task with this dress is to try to take the modernness away and give it more of a vintage-y feel (is that actually a word? if not it should be.) Perhaps it is just Vogue's choice of fabric that makes it seem so modern, along with the style of buttons and ribbon on the casing of the tie. Regardless, I am ready to to take this dress and make it much cuter than the pattern cover. I want it super cute. No wood-grain-looking-print with random turquoise shapes on it. Oh no, not for me! I think the lines of this dress are cute, girly and flirty so I am going to try to emphasize that. No, I'm not going to cover it with kittens or pink bows, but I have a few ideas up my sleeves. Although, I do love kittens :)

Stay tuned for more. Tomorrow a peak at the game plan!

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