Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No head? What?!

Ah, there it is! Check out my new profile picture. Taken at the poker party last Saturday night, this was the one that made the cut. As you can see, my fabulous Retro Simplicity top is peeking out from my sweater. There were a couple of other pictures that were considered. In the one I really wanted to use, I had a crazy look on my face. Either I was confused or about to punch someone, I am not quite sure.

It also might have been the second or third drink that created this lovely face:

I don't know what caused me to give the camera the stink-eye. But there it is. For all to see. But, check out those great earrings! I love those things. And I am so proud of my hair. I am normally hair-challenged, unlike my younger sister, who takes a couple bobby pins and five minutes to create a fabulous hairstyle. I, unfortunately, have to work very hard to even get this simple ponytail. But I think it looks pretty good. Even my nice gray streak made a lovely appearance.

Well, I just wanted everyone to know that I do have a head. And now you have seen it. 

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