Sunday, February 7, 2010

Italian Lessons: I am wearing a suit, but no socks.

The countdown is about seven months. Then I will be on a plane flying to my husband in Rome. And to our *new* apartment! Very exciting, but a little scary. My husband will be teaching for a year in Italy at a study abroad program. And since we are married and all, I get to go too. Ah, the perks of those pesky vows ;) Technically, I won't be there for the whole year, but about eight months. Still, eight months in Rome? Yes, please! Because of this situation, my husband and I are *trying* to learn Italian. You know those obnoxious commercials that come on all the time for the Rosetta Stone? Apparently they sunk in, because we plunked down an obscene amount of money for the program. I mean, I could have at bought at least ten yards of nice fabric at Mood. Well, kinda nice fabric that is.

It has been going...well. But I am getting impatient. What I am dying for is when we get to the words that will help me purchase fabric or sewing notions. I have done the beginning chapter on "shopping", so I know how to say, "I want to pay with a credit card" and the words for cash and check (not like anyone uses the latter anymore) and asking how much something costs, but I feel like my vocabulary is lacking. Will Rosetta Stone teach me how to order meters (I assume it will be metric) of fabric, how to say "bobbin" in Italian, or the words for, "Gimme all of that bolt!" Instead I am learning things like, "I am too short", or "The blue car is fast", or my favorite (which you have seen above) "I am wearing a suit, but no socks." Tell me when that comment might be necessary?!

Apparently, my newly acquired vocab amuses people. My pattern-cohort, who I am searching for a new name for (any suggestions?), thinks the statements that I am learning are hilarious. I told her if my husband ever wants a blue cake, actually the bigger blue cake, I can order it at the pastry shop, or the pasticceria (now, don't I sound fancy?).

I will wait patiently for the "fabric store" lesson. Until then, I will keep you informed of all the latest, and most useful sentences. My other current favorite: "This young man has blue hair". I hope I don't run into a situation where that comes in handy.

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