Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Butterick Spring Patterns: Kinda Cute or Maybe Kinda Ugly?

The jury is still out. These were released last week, and even though I have had time to mull them over, I regret to say that I am still undecided. For example, the pattern above: I think I like it? The dress by itself is a no, but then throw on a bright flowered jacket and I am unsure. I feel like it is trying to eek out some kind of 1960's vibe, but isn't quite there yet. Or am I misreading a mother of the bride vibe? Maybe the jacket isn't enough to help the poor green dress? However, I do like the belt on the dress. Hmmm.

 What about this:

I know that I don't like the jacket with the long sleeves, kinda ugly. Although, I will say I like the bow detail, but alas, it doesn't save it from making me want to ignore it completely. But! Make it short sleeved and flowered and I am considering it. Is it the flowered fabric? I don't normally lean that way, but these past two patterns make me think differently. Maybe I just have cabin fever. I apparently need flowers. The dress itself is nothing to write home about, which is why it needs a great short-sleeved-cute-bow-enhanced-flowered jacket over it. Clearly.

This next one is just not quite right:

The yellow is kinda cute in a sailor-type way, but the pink is just...not. Does the pink look so bad because it is too big? It looks like that jacket has eaten her. It also looks like it would be awkward to wear, you'd be knocking things over with those godzilla sleeves. But she is styling some killer white pants ;) Here is the one I definitely thought was the cutest:

Don't get me wrong, I am not going to run out searching for that lobster fabric, but the pink apron is cute. And I like the one with the little collar. They all make me want to bake stuff. Or bake stuff with a drink in my hand. Or just have a drink in my hand. Either way. 

What do you think, kinda cute or kinda ugly?