Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend Update: Test Drives and Early Birds

I used to be a late-night person. Ah, those were the days! Get home late, eat whatever was in the fridge, go to bed and wake up in the double digits the next morning feeling pretty good. Now a days, I am usually in bed around 10:30 at night or not too much later. It is a little early, but I work early and long, so I feel justified in my bedtime. This past weekend, I apparently thought I was back in my youth. Silly girl, I am.

My husband and I went to a poker party on Saturday night. I wore my newly sewed Retro Simplicity top, a black skirt, styled my hair (myself!) with a high pony tail and bakelite-looking earrings. I was ready to go. I wanted to see how the top held up over a night of merriment. My first relief was that no one said anything about the sleeves being too "bell shaped", so I can put that worry aside. It was surprisingly comfortable, and there was enough room in the sleeves that I never felt constricted. Although, I know now that I should have finished the seams before I put it all together. The fabric was a bit sheer and you could see some of the raw edges of the center seam. Curses. And I was trying to be so good about that stuff! I took a photo of the top on Sunday night (which I will post soon) and I will see if there are any good pictures from the poker party that I can put up for everyone to see.

Back to poker. It was a great night. Cards, drinks, and food (mostly thinly sliced charcuterie offerings that were mighty tasty) with funny people that we enjoy. It was excellent, until about 11:20. Then, I started to wilt. The eyeliner started to feel heavy. My top felt scratchy. I started to get cold. My body was telling me it wanted to go to bed. Right then. We did get there at 6:30, so I wasn't completely lame. But, not to be the party pooper, I waited another forty minutes before I started to give the signal to my husband that I wanted to go. Then, it took another five minutes for it to sink in with him. Whiskey and boys!

By the time we said our goodbyes, drove home, and finally crawled into bed it was almost one in the morning. When I saw the clock, I will admit I did get a small rush thinking how "cool" I was for staying up so late. I thought for sure I would be sleeping until 9:30 or maybe even double digits the next morning.

Or 6:45. Yes, I am lame. My eyes just popped open and I couldn't get back to sleep. All I could think about was working on my skirt, which I had only gotten to cut out the fabric for. Instead, I quietly pulled out my laptop and put up the post I had been working on. I caught-up on my reading of other sites. I even looked at the weather. And then I couldn't wait anymore. It felt like I had been waiting for hours. At 7:20 I asked my husband, who was still sleeping, if it was okay if I sewed a little. He said something that sounded like yes, but I don't think he thought it through completely. My sewing table is in our bedroom. As soon as I started sewing my first seam, he wasn't sleeping anymore either. I really tried to be quiet. Really.

The skirt is looking good. The zipper is basted in, which I did this morning before going to work. I still need to finish the waist and hem the bottom. Then I am done. The pleat in the back looks pretty cute right now, so I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is done. I finished the seams last night, so I won't be sorry later. See, I am learning :) So far, the skirt has taken me about three hours. There is a light at the end of this first tunnel. I will soon be on to my first vintage pattern. Yikes! I mean, Yay!!

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