Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Me, Caffeinated...

Is a scary site. For those that know me, you are aware that I don't drink caffeine. Occasionally I will have an iced tea at lunch, but only one. Nothing after four o'clock. I have trouble sleeping and so keeping off caffeine just makes sense. So, no coffee. Gasp! I don't actually like the taste of hot coffee. Coffee ice cream, on the other hand, I am all over. I don't know why this shocks people so much. I don't know if it is the fact I don't like coffee, or the fact that I go through most days without any caffeine. Regardless, this apparently this makes me non-human.

Now, I don't drink coffee, as previously stated, but I do drink tea, usually of the herbal variety. What I also will drink is hot chocolate. I don't drink it a lot, but it has been known to happen. The other day during my shopping trip I bought some hot chocolate mix, the Ghiradelli Double Chocolate. My friend was visiting so I thought that would be a fun treat. We ended up drinking tea that night, and the hot chocolate was abandoned until yesterday afternoon, when I got home from work and decided to make some for myself. I poured some milk in a mug and tossed it in the microwave. Not the stove. I know, I cheated. Don't judge.

Anyway. I scooped the recommended four tablespoons of mix, which seemed like a lot, but it was double chocolate so in went four. After the first sip, I realized my mistake. I tasted coffee. Crap. Instead of the Double Chocolate, I grabbed the Mocha Chocolate at the store. My hope was that maybe they would just have coffee "flavoring", but to my dismay, Ghiradelli doesn't cut corners.  They use the real deal: coffee. Now that I had made it, I couldn't just waste it. That can was almost six bucks! So I drank it. All of it.

A little while later, when I supposed to be falling asleep to the soothing sounds of Law & Order, I couldn't close my eyes. I mean, I physically could, but then they would get antsy and I would have to open them. What if I missed a good Lenny joke? Was that kid from Honduras really twelve like the league said? Did his father kill the private eye??? I started to get way too involved. So, I went to sew. At least it was something to focus on. I was so productive in that one hour! I sewed the neck facings together and finished the edges, sewed them in, ironed the seams and changed my bobbin thread in the middle. Huh. Is that why people drink caffeine?

The drawback was when my husband arrived home and we had a half an hour drive to dinner. Apparently, I talked a lot. I asked questions, didn't wait for answers, cheered for random things, "Yay for Shepherd's Pie!" (which I know was a given, but evidently we don't need to be so loud about it).

Except for my husband having to deal with a babbling crazy woman (which is probably not too far off from normal), I thought the caffeine was helpful. I now just need to sew the bottom section and insert the zipper. This "one" day project is lasting much longer than I had anticipated. And I haven't even touched the skirt. Clearly, I need another cup.

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  1. Very funny! I'm a big-time coffee drinker but did give it up for a while -- and when I did drink it, it made me really antsy like that. Now I'm back to being one of the Starbucks zombies, so it has little effect...

    Oh, and -- YAY FOR SHEPHERD'S PIE!