Friday, March 12, 2010

Vintage Sewing Machines and The Seduction of Aqua

I have been reading a lot of Peter's blog recently, and he has finally convinced me. Or brainwashed me. Either way, I need a vintage machine. Honestly, I can't put all the blame on Peter, although his one post on the top ten reasons to buy a vintage machine definitely moved me closer to the edge. The final push was the fact that the machine above was - aqua. How cute is that?! I know, it is not the reason to buy a machine, but it certainly did help. And, it was also around forty bucks.

The sad part was that I was drooling over this machine for two days, and I tried to avoid it. Really, I swear. I knew I secretly and desperately wanted it, but convinced myself to remain level-headed. We are going to Rome, so I should save money, where would I put it, would I use it, blah, blah, blah. The reasons were practical. And boring, but they won out. 

Then, by the will of the fates, my mother called me the next day at work. I was just sitting there watching the ebay timer dwindle down on my beautiful aqua New Home (don't tell...I should have been working and I also shouldn't admit how lame I am.)  First, I told her that I was thinking about getting a vintage sewing machine, which is when she told me about the oh-so-fabulous machine that used to be her grandmother's that was so amazing that nothing could compare to it. And that my grandfather threw it out. Needless to say, this did not make me feel any better. 

Then, she asked if I had checked ebay. SHE asked first. I hadn't even brought it up. I told her what I was looking at, but then I had one of those pesky customers, so I had to hang up. She called back ten minutes later and said excitedly that she had bid on it. Did I mention that my mother loves aqua? And was such a cool teenager that she sewed all her own clothes! And did I mention that she doesn't sew anymore!?! But she is now the new proud owner of the vintage aqua Janome New Home sewing machine, pictured above. Which will lovingly reside in my house. Thanks, Mom! You can come over and visit anytime :)

I am super excited about this machine! The only thing now is to find a manual. So, if anyone out there has any ideas or websites, please send the links my way. Also, I do want to send my thanks to Peter for making me take the plunge. Now, I think that I would really like to (eventually) find myself a vintage Singer, but I should start with this cute (and quite affordable) aqua New Home. One machine at a time ;)

Also, I would like to say thank you to my new followers! I don't know what sad tale Laurel weaved or what kind of favors she promised (wink, wink), but your comments were encouraging as well as timely. I was starting to feel like the new girl at school with no one to sit with at lunch. So, thanks guys!


  1. Good luck with the vintage machine! I don't think you'll need a manual. Vintage machines are so basic, any dealer will thread it and teach you the basics in 15 min.

  2. You are sure to make everyone who reads this envious! Arlene

  3. Thanks ladies, I can't wait for it to arrive. I feel like a six year old waiting for christmas to come - waiting, just very patiently ;)

    And Adriana, that is great news! Tracking down the manual seemed like a tedious task, so thanks for the heads up :)

  4. LOVE that little machine! I would just stare at it! Cute blog too! -Allison