Monday, March 15, 2010

Vogue 1153: So Close...

I am just putting on the final touches to this dress. I do want to apologize for the not-so-great photos, my camera charger is missing, so I had to use my phone. You can see (kind of) that I went with blue buttons on the belt. They are shell, so that have a nice change of color depending on the way the light hits them. Combined with the linen, I thought it made for a nice summery look. You can also check out the vintage ribbon that I used on the belt. I love it.

Unfortunately, as I was trying to finish, there was a slight mishap today:

As I was trying to put on my super-cute vintage button on the back, the very LAST thing to do, the elastic loop fell out. I tried fixing it. I tried twice. I am going to have to just put a hook and eye there instead. I will keep the cute button there, although it is not looking so cute in this photo. 

Wanna see some ruffles??

Oops. I will need to remember to clip that thread. But not bad, huh? Of course, the back ruffles look much better than the front ruffles. But at least it worked!  I have never done ruffles before and it wasn't hard, but let's just say that I am glad that I don't have to do anymore. I am not sure how I would have felt about them if I had chosen a more slippery fabric. With linen, it wasn't too torturous. Although if you hate to gather, you will hate ruffles.

Tonight I am going to write my review of the pattern, my first ever on the Pattern Review website, and then take some "glamor" shots tomorrow.  After this, I think I may head back into a vintage pattern. Even though my last attempt was so depressing, I am still determined to make something cute from a vintage pattern. And I will let you all know when my new sewing machine arrives. I hope it comes soon! 

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