Monday, April 5, 2010

Sewing for Wee Ones: A Lesson Learned

I spent last week sewing a dress for my four year old niece's birthday, which we celebrated last night. I decided last Sunday to make it, which was why I was so absent last week and the fact that I am watching way too much television at night after work (how many Law & Orders can I watch!?) For those of you who have never sewed a garment for a child, it don't even know the right words. Courage? Maybe a little. Patience? Perhaps, but that is true in all sewing projects.  Pepared for crushing disappointment? Definitely.

[ the ill-fated pattern ]

For those who sew for only themselves, this obviously never enters your world. You like something, you sew it. Clear and easy. Those who sew for other adults run into this occasionally when a project doesn't turn out exactly right, but everyone is old enough to deal with it, usually. But when you sew for a child, you have to be prepared for complete and utter defeat. I knew this going in. I did. I knew it, but I didn't really know. I also have to remember that she is four. Just because she doesn't want to wear it today doesn't mean she won't wear it ever, at least that is what one friend tried to console me with. But that does sound plausible, right? Right?

I am not really complaining about the time spent (although it does sound like complaining), because I loved what I was doing. Honestly. I can always use extra practice on inserting zippers and gathering fabric (even though gathering is the devil's work), so I do think it was time well spent. And I, for some reason, get a huge kick out of cutting fabric for children's dresses. The pieces are so tiny! Another great perk of tiny people and their little clothes — it only took me a couple hours to put it together (yeah, lots of tv happened). And regardless of what she thinks, I think it is adorable. If I were four, I would wear it :)

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Spent time on a present you were so excited about just to be disappointed with their response? Even a non-sewing related present? I can't be the only one...

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  1. it IS an adorable dress! i'm sure she'll come around.