Monday, April 12, 2010

Rompers vs. Playsuits

I have had my eye on rompers when I saw a couple cute versions on ModCloth last summer. I just brushed the thought aside, even though the ones they had there were beyond cute. Then last night, my sister and I were trying to find a pattern I promised I would sew her, and instead we stumbled onto this beauty in this etsy store. We both thought that each silhouette was great, so the pattern was purchased.

As I was writing this post, I went to read the description one more time and noticed that it was referred to as a playsuit. Now, what is the difference? Anyone out there know? Are rompers sleeveless and perhaps more for younger women, whereas playsuits were less revealing and more mature, perhaps for the at-home woman. Or are the words interchangeable? The description also tell us that this is a playsuit that "dons a skirt for visits to town." I assume shorts were not acceptable for women to wear in public in the 1950's? Is this correct? I am now very curious. I will have to do more research. Or if someone else can verify this, I would love the easy way out :)

Just as a side note, this pattern was not purchased by me. Not saying I won't use it too, but I am still working on my seersucker shirt-waist dress. I have been forced to make a muslin of the skirt before cutting into my fabric. Seriously, Laurel held me at scissor-point and made me promise. Or something like that ;) I will sew together the muslin. Tonight. Or tomorrow. sigh.


  1. I've been wondering what the differnce is, too. I think a romper is a shorts-bottomed one piece, and the jumpsuit is a pants version?

    This post was so timely, b/c I just - rather sheepishly - bought the new McCall's jumpsuit pattern. I'm really jonesing for one as a summer cover-up at the beach. I can see myself in one with wedges, JLo-esque gold hoops, and a wide hat... Totally not my style, so I don't know what I'm suddenly obsessed.

  2. I totally agree. I don't know what it is about rompers that is so intriguing, but they are! And it would be perfect for a beach cover-up. Last summer a girl I went kayaking with had a pink terrycloth one and it was adorable! I don't know how it happened, but you are not alone in your obsession ;)