Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 6: Monday Goals & Hangovers

Sometimes I like when the weekend is over. There is something about the constant of Monday morning that is safe and comforting. Or perhaps I know that the crazy eating that happens on the weekend will come to a screeching halt (mostly). For some of us here in the US last night, which was Superbowl Sunday, might have been filled with a little football, chips, dips and beer. For me it was filled with lots of tortilla chips and even more buffalo chicken dip. Seriously. I *may* have had a bite of a random sandwich or half a carrot, but just as a courtesy. I must have eaten half of a 8 x 10 dish filled with gooey, cheesy buffalo-ness. It was not a proud moment for me. I am hungover on cheese dip. What a sad, sad day.

Even though my Sunday night was somewhat nauseating, the best part about a Monday (in my eyes) is that the week is fresh and unknown. I can decide to eat magic healing soup all week if I need to! And I think I will. I am already feeling optimistic :) As far as sewing, I am optimistic about that as well. What can I fill my week up with? Let's see:

1. Have a show-and-tell with my nieces dress. Last Thursday was a sewing frenzy for me; it was awesome. I stayed in my sewing room from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm. With no interruptions, except a break to eat a banana at 3 o'clock! I finished my niece's dress, all except hemming. I tried it on her last night and it is a size too big, but that is fine. She will grow into it, but in the meantime I will make another sizing it down, utilizing all the knowledge I gained from this first run-through. But I will share more on that this week.

2. Decide what is next sewing-wise. I am leaving for San Antonio for my older sister's 40th birthday on Valentine's day. I am tempted to make a dress for myself for her big fancy-schmancy dinner downtown.  I seem to love to put unnecessary deadlines on myself and why should this be any different? :) I will post my thoughts and see if you think I am crazy it is a good idea or not.

I think that two goals is enough for this week. I am optimistic, but I don't want to go overboard like I did with the dip. I want to be productive. This week here in New Hampshire it is cold! Hopefully that will make me want to stay in my warm sewing room and work, work, work!

Any goals for your sewing this week? Did anyone else overindulge last night too?

Have a productive week!


  1. Oof, it seems like overindulging on Super Bowl Sunday is unavoidable! I'm on a tight deadline for a guest blogging project, but I'm having some issues with my sewing machine (couldn't sew Saturday night or all day Sunday!!!) so I'm feeling behind and starting to panic! I always seem to have too many projects lined up all at once. :(

    1. Oh no!!!! That stinks about your machine! Hope you getting working again! I know you will pull it all off. And I am excited about your guest blogger, can't wait to see who it is!