Saturday, February 16, 2013

Update: McCall's 5668

Even though I am on my way home, I wanted to show you that I did finish! Yay! My older sister even asked if I could make one for her, which I think is a great measurement for success! There are a few tweaks I could make to a second version, but this worked out great.

I was worried that a wool dress might be too hot for San Antonio, but it was quite chilly Friday night. And now I will leave you with a quick shot from last night before the final party. It is a little wrinkled from the night before and the pic is slightly blurry, but it is better than nothing :) I promise a full post later this coming week. Have a great Sunday!


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    1. Thanks! I will post a more in depth post later this week, but I had to get an outside shot while I was in Texas. Taking photos out in 17 degree weather was not happening at home ;)