Thursday, September 2, 2010

Goals and GIVEAWAYS!

Here is the my Anniversary dress. I would like to show you the whole thing, but it is now packed in my suitcase. I did finish it. Well, I can wear it out, but if I can get a chance to tweak it before the final wearing I will. Once I finished I realized that I could take in the side seams just a touch to give it a slightly better fit. This fabric seems to have expanded much more than my muslin fabric. But everyone says it looks great...but maybe they are all saying that so I will stop sewing and pack. In less than 18 hours I will be on a plane to Rome, and I didn't start packing until tonight. Crazy, I know.

As far as goals go I did finish the anniversary dress, and I got as far as cutting out the fabric of my skirt. I was going to try to finish that as well, but I thought I might send my mother over the edge since (as I said before) I just started packing this evening. I should have started awhile ago, but I was determined to finish this dress. I also had many other things I had to attend to before I left. Loose ends to tie up and people to see, I was a very busy lady, hence no posts or finished goals.

Since I did not finish three of my goals, I now have to pay the price. I must give up some of my stash. Luckily for me, Laurel is on vacation. But, when she gets back she has my permission to pick two pieces of fabric and I think one pattern. These I will post (with her pics) and have someone state-side send them out. 

Although....was all this inevitable? Should I give myself a little leniency? Was it lunacy at the start to think I could do all that before moving to Rome?! I will leave my stash's fate in your hands. I know at least one piece should go, I do think that is fair. But three...?!  Now faced with parting, it is so hard.  What do you think? Am I being too hard on myself? Or do you all just want free fabric?  ;)

If you want in on a piece of the action, at least in the running for the first piece, leave a comment on this post before September 5 before 11:59 pm EST. I will randomly choose someone that will inherit some fantastic new fabric. That is this coming Sunday, which should give me time to mourn my fabric ;) But, I guess if it is going into the hands of someone who will use it, that is better! 



  1. I do feel bad that you're giving up some of the stash, but on the other hand I'd love to win a piece of it...I hope I win!

  2. Well, as of right now, you are the only one in the running! I will give it until midnight, but this might be the easiest win for you ever :)

  3. Hey don't feel bad, I hosted a giveaway on my blog and no one entered. I've never won anything on a blog contest so this would make me very happy...besides I have no nice fabric most of it is from the walmart dollar bin