Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday sewing!

Woooo! I am on a roll. Well, I am at the end of the roll now. I got as far as my little needle could carry me today. I brought out my pattern pieces this afternoon. I know I said I would do it yesterday, but there is so much eating to do here, I barely have any time ;) Today I got the first introduction to my new machine. Everything is great, a little different than my machine at home, but it is kind of nice to go back to basics after using a fancy-pants-all-electric machine.

So I started on my skirt, McCall's 5591 today and got...close to being done. I bought the fabric in San Antonio with my sister and found matching fabric for the band three days before I left. That's me — Ms. LeaveItToTheLastSecond! Anyway. I realized as I was re-reading the directions today that I am missing two important things for this to be done. First:

No zipper. I forgot to bring the zipper I had bought for the project here with me. I went and attached the yoke and then— onto next stumbling block:

No interfacing.  I also forgot the fusible interfacing that is supposed to go on the inside of the yoke. So, that is also left to be done. I got as far as I could on the top portion of the skirt (which is just attaching yoke to skirt). I kept on trucking though and attached the bottom band anyway. Other than that, and the fact that I haven't tried it on (I know that is really bad) it is almost done. Weeeee. Here is a pic of what I have now:

The bottom hem is just pinned on. Since I haven't tried it on, I may need to make that band a bit smaller depending on where it lands when I try it on. All in good time :)

Hey, and check out my first slideshow. It isn't a super-thriller, but if you want more here it is:

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