Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rome: Motorinos and More!

Well, I arrived safe and sound in the land of pasta, vino and Vespas. Yes, especially Vespas (I won't talk about the vino yet, as I am still recovering).

Those ever so cute and little not-quite-a-motorcycle are everywhere here. Today, as we were walking around the neighborhood, we stumbled onto a Vespa-style bike day. Being from New England, I don't know if any of you know of bike week in Laconia, NH? If so, imagine that, but all tiny happy sounding Vespas. There must have been at least 1,000 vespas jammed into the piazza overlooking the downtown area. My husband and I watched as they all rode out of the piazza together with the carbinieri leading the way. Of course, I did not have my camera (pic above is from a previous year). I will never leave home without it! It was such an amazing sight!

There is not much sewing happening here, as I am just still trying to settle in, but my anniversary gift from my husband was a new sewing machine. We were supposed to pick it out Saturday, but on Friday night we found out that there might be one in a closet at the school that he is teaching at. If that one works (and it is free), then the money he was going to spend on the new one will go to my piece of jewelry fund. And *that* is always good ;)

There was some hand sewing this weekend. I did get to alter the side seams of dress before my flight (with my old sewing machine) and I managed to finish up the dress literally right before we left. As always, it was that frantic last minute type of sewing which always starts with, oh it will only take me an hour to sew the lining shut, sew in bra-strap holders and such — or sewing at the time we are supposed to be heading out for the taxi?! Yes. I completely underestimated that one.  It did leave the house, though. I wore it out last night to our Anniversary dinner at the swanky Filippo La Mantia, which was an absolutely stunning and delicious Sicilian restaurant. The dress did not explode or rip at the seams (although from the amount I ate, I am surprised it didn't!) and I felt pretty impressed with myself. The photos we took right before we left (again soooo late) were not so great, I was racing to get it done, so no time for hair...but here is at least one shot (and this is the best one...sad, sad):

Can you read my face? Behind that smile and awkward stance I am saying, "We are going to be so late, so take the bleeping picture and lets go —I am starving!!!" So even though the plants behind me make my hips look even larger than normal, I look angry and hungry, that is the best you all are gonna get. For now. We have plans to go to take more this week. With better light. And food first ;)

And for those of you who are awaiting the romper photos, fear not. Even though I am no longer in the US, the romper and it's owner are. So, *ahem*, please take some photos Ms. Romper!

It is now late and I have had a long weekend full of planes, wine, food, more wine, more food and now it is time for bed. Buona notte!


  1. Happy Anniversary! lovely. You look fantastic in your dress. With all thoses Vespas your post reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.


  2. Yay! You look beautiful. This is Laurel and I am too lazy to sign in under my post name. Hope you are having FUN! I'll be back from Montreal soon - our hotel is so freaking cool. And will write you a proper letter. Ciao ciao, darling!