Saturday, September 25, 2010

New addition to the family!

Well, here it is — the Husquavarna H Class E10. I know that this means I turned down the treadle, but it is always there if I need it. Instead I gave into peer pressure and went for the new machine. I am very excited about this though. Back in the States I have the HuskyStar E20, so this is the non-electric version of that.

Or at least it is similar enough for me to not have to worry about these:

I am working hard on my Italian, and I did need to learn a few key vocab words for the shopping trip, but my Italian is not nearly ready for this:

We are supposed to get the English version sent to us via email, but I think the pictures are enough to get me through. And, as I said before, my knowledge of the E20 should be fine. Here she is in all her glory:

Funny story...before I arrived in Rome, my husband wanted to surprise me with a machine. This was a great thought, but thank god he didn't pull the trigger. He showed me the machine he was going to get when we went to the shop. It was a 599 euro machine! That is about a $750 machine in the states!! It had so many bells and whistles that it was overkill. It had like 100 stitches (and really I use about 5. Maybe 6?!) and all sorts of things that I didn't really need. I told him that I appreciated the sentiment, but that machine would be better than my machine at home. And I wouldn't even be able to bring it back with me! Anyway. I imagine that I will spend the remaining euros on fabric while I am here ;)

Okay folks, I am ready!! Now, I need to dig out my skirt pattern pieces that I had cut before my plane left Boston, about three weeks ago. I think I have everything, and if not, I am sure that I can find it. I am off to play with my new toy!

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