Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giveaway Winner!!!

Yay and congratulations to sewiknitoo for being the winner of my giveaway! (So, she was the only one that left a comment...but that was all I needed! )What did she win?? No, not a Dishmaster (although who wouldn't want one of those!), but fabric!!!

On its way to sunny Nevada is about four yards (if I remember correctly) of a great black/grey/white cotton print that I got at Mood Fabrics in Los Angeles. I had purchased it to do this pattern, Vintage Vogue 2960:

As to what sewiknittoo does with it, perhaps something to go under her Lady Grey coat? Regardless, as long as something is done with it, it will be a much happier piece of fabric. It briefly saddens me to have to send my fabric away, but it makes me much happier to give it someone who will appreciate it. So again, congrats and be on the lookout :)


  1. So, did you know that there is a company that still makes the dishmaster and that I so very much want one??? Make that your next giveaway, totally!!! ;P

  2. Ooohh something from mood fabrics I'm totally excited this will be reserved for a very very special project