Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh, the agony!

I walked downtown this morning (well, I took the bus, but you know what I mean...) wondering what would be new at Stefanel and then I came upon this sign. This sign marked where my favorite store once stood. For a brief moment I was crushed. Images of the sweaters that someone-who-shall-remain-namless made me give to Good Will before I left came rushing back. I collected myself. When I was there ten years ago, there was about twenty stores around Rome. I knew that was another on the Via del Corso itself. I was on my way.

For those who are not familiar with Stefanel, imagine a cross-breed from J Crew, Banana Republic and the less crazy side of Anthropologie. It is classy, well made clothing with a slight edge that is maybe just the Italian way of fashion. When I was here ten years ago, I fell in love. I purchased some pieces that I wore to shreds. It was my haven. Let's move on.

My mission was to find some lightweight black dresses as it is super hot here still and I didn't want to run around in shorts all the time (or at all). I stopped at Zara (and did make a purchase) and some other fun looking shops, like Benetton. Here is a sidenote, I don't know if you were a child (or lived through) the 1980's but remember when Benetton was all the rage?! Apparently it still is here. And on my dress mission today I stopped in to see what was there. A lot of jackets and some cute sweaters. But the shirts and skirts seemed like I could whip them out in a couple hours...without procrastination or distraction, of course. Nothing crazy. Being able to sew has made me a type of shopper that is more wary and able to scrutinize clothing better. This maybe a curse while I am here.

I was happily on my way down the Corso, when then I saw this sight:

I don't know if you can read that sign, but it says the same as the other "opening soon". Curses!! I am hoping that these signs just mean that they are redoing the stores. Thank god I am here for awhile! Well, anyway I walked away with one cute black dress. I was also on the hunt for shampoo, but apparently only one goodie a day :)

Here is a few final shots of where I spent my morning:

I also want to prove that I have actually left the apartment by myself :) Sewing to come shortly — inspecting the borrowed machine tonight! I also passed by a fabric store with pretty silk in the window. I hope to do that this week as well. Baby steps...