Saturday, October 2, 2010

Snuggie? Snuglet? Oh, the Horror.

To be honest, I do not own one of these things. And I am trying not to judge. Really I am trying. If you own one, then I am sorry to make fun. Sort of ;) One of the faculty here at school has made an agreement with me. She, whose husband is Italian so her Italian is WAY better than mine, has agreed to accompany me to the fabric store to translate for me and help me through it my first time, *if* I make her a snuggie. Or snuglet. Or whatever you want to call it.

She insists that this thing is the best thing man (or woman?) has ever invented. Being a graduate student she spend long hours in chairs reading books and writing, so she says since it is like a blanket, but with sleeves, she is still able to use her hands. She can read/study as well as stay warm. Do I sound like the commercial yet?!

Anyway. As long as she doesn't make me sew it with some horrible looking fleece (hopefully John Deere fleece is not available out here) then it will be an adventure. Right. Yes. Sure?

Anyone out there sewed one of these things? Tips? Comments? Ridicule?  ;)

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