Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday, Then and Now

Yes, I spent another birthday in the fantastic city of Rome. Last time was ten years ago and I turned 23. Ah, such a silly girl then. This time around, I spent it in a much different way. Let's take a comparison look at my birthday from then and now:

Maggie, 23:
AM: This was spent in class learning all the interesting information about about ancient Rome (what kind of marble certain columns were made out of, etc) and struggling through translating Homer's Odyssey in Greek. I don't miss that too much.
Lunch: At the school, although great food, was probably about 20 minutes and then followed immediately by studying and class until dinner.
Evening Activities: Dinner, followed by some pretty heavy drinking (of various alcoholic beverages) down in Trastevere. I remember a hazy tiramisu at a bar late night, losing an earring in a fountain, and then stumbling back up the hill. The next morning was not pretty.

Maggie, 33:
AM : I woke up around 8:30, ate breakfast and went on a leisurely shopping trip in downtown Rome. I bought a dress and a pair of tights. :)
Lunch: I was taken out by a friend to a little trattoria where we had wine, a smoked salmon and balsamic marinated red onion appetizer, stuffed ravioli with ricotta, spinach, and squash blossoms in a saffron sauce, and topped off with passionfruit gelato. A fantastic and un-rushed lunch.
Evening Activities: Dinner at the school of roast lamb(!), pumpkin risotto, homemade cake and lots of excellent wine, followed by a nice walk back to the apartment. I spent the rest of the evening talking with family and watching the last episode of Project Runway (again because it was such a great episode). This morning I feel great!

Since my husband was teaching during my actual birthday day, we celebrated with a shopping trip earlier, where he took me to a much larger Merceria near Fabric Heaven and helped me procure the buttons, interfacing, and scissors for my next project, which I will show you all tomorrow. As most of you know, my indecision is pretty bad, so just wait until you hear my story about the buttons...you will be so proud of me!


  1. Happy Birthday Maggie - what a lovely spot to celebrate your birthday. Gee, you must have thrown a bucket load of coins in that fountain, to be back in Rome! Have fun.

  2. Evelyne, I guess the trick to return to Rome, is to throw one coin and one earring into a fountain :) Thanks for the birthday wishes, it was a great day!