Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fleece? Like from a sheep?

As I posted before, I have been set upon the task of making a Snuggie for someone in exchange for their knowledge of the Italian language. The end goal for me is to get to the well-known fabric store, Fratelli Bassetti Tessuti to obtain fabric for myself (which will have its own post—trust me).

As most of you may know, these Snuggies are made of fleece. Ah fleece, it seems like America is overflowing with it. All types of colors, thickness, patterns and softness; the choices at the local box store back home are overwhelming. Now, I am not at home, not in the land of fleece. I am in Rome, the land of wool.

I ventured yesterday with my Snuggie-patron and searched for material. I found fleece, at least I think I found fleece. It had images of bears and flowers on it —which in my mind sometimes defines this fabric. But when I went to feel it, it felt kind of scratchy, as if it had wool in it. My first thought was it almost felt like wall insulation, you know the Pink Panther stuff. Although, I imagine this is a gross exaggeration since I imagine there was not actual fiberglass in it. Someone later that night pointed out maybe it was real from a sheep. So wool? I guess it is certainly possible, but if someone knows what this is all about, please let me know.

Perhaps we should have been in a different type of store. Bassetti's is known for its apparel clothing, so maybe I was just in the wrong place for fleece. We did end of getting a type of sweatshirt material which I hope will work.

Regardless, it shouldn't take me too long to sew a rectangle with the sleeves coming out of the middle. (Really that is the pattern) I will keep you posted...

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