Sunday, October 10, 2010

Buttonholes are the devil.

So, if I had to pick things that I hate about sewing, I would say making buttonholes are at the top of the list. I know I said I disliked them the other day, but now I am at a whole new level of loathing. The torture that I endured to make three (only 3!!) buttonholes on my garment was vicious. They are the devil.

Something that I learned about buttonholes? Did you know you should always do the buttonhole on the right-side of your fabric? You did?! Well, I didn't. Nope, but I found out. After the third one. Whatever. 

So they are a little wonky and perhaps when ripping them open I may have ripped the stitching as well. Sigh upon sigh. Can I just fix that with fray check? Or do I need to hand sew these holes as well? Please tell me there is something that doesn't involve me doing the whole front bodice over. I will obviously do something before I wash it, because I imagine that is when all hell will let loose, if they are not closed properly. 

I practiced with about four buttonholes before even attempting them on my garment, which by the way was interfaced (so that wasn't my problem, although maybe it was not thick enough?) But it was to no avail. They were out to get me. Although the back of them look pretty good —hence my discovery about which side to sew on:

Maybe my tension was too tight for such a thin fabric? Or maybe I am a moron? Regardless, they are done. Not done well, but done nonetheless. I don't know why I am getting so worked up about this, because of my fabulous button choice, you won't even be able to see the holes behind the button. That is if I can get them through the hole without destroying the bodice! Breathing. deeply.

So, to recap: buttons are on, buttonholes are...well, there, and I am now working on putting the rest of the bodice together. I didn't realize how much those buttonholes would zap my energy to move on. But, after a day off, I feel better. No more buttonholes today. Or possibly ever. ;)


  1. Your buttonholes really don't look that bad! Seriously!

    You know what is so strange? I don't hate making buttonholes.... I actually kinda... like it. I love ripping the slit open w/ the seam ripper at the end. I get some kind of twisted kick out of it. And I even have to make the buttonholes by manually turning the wheel on my machine - a 4 step process, not automatic like some machines do. This is making me want to go make a button up blouse...

    Can't wait to see your finished blouse - love the material.

  2. I hate to disagree; buttonholes are nowhere near as bad as waistbands. Mine twist and roll worse than any fairground ride. Yuck. I used to dread buttonholes but then bought a machine with a one-step buttonhole. It isn't perfect but at least it's fast!

  3. Okay, ladies...maybe I am being too harsh on myself and buttonholes. I will admit when I was practicing and it was going fine, the process was maybe, possibly, not really that bad. My machine back in the states has an automatic buttonhole function (which I have also had issues with), but I will admit since I had to do it manually here, it did give me a little more control. But that is all I will admit! ;)

    Hopefully this will be done soon so I can show it off!