Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 12: Go big.

There is no other option for this week. This is it. Remember in this post (week 9!) I talked about how I would have so much time to devote to this bridal shower outfit? Yeah. Heh. Add to that: a rather busy work schedule, the decision to sell our condo and find a new house. What does that equal? One week left.

Yes, folks, as usual I will be under the wire for finishing this outfit. Maybe I like the pressure? I seem to put myself in this situation more times than I would like to remember. Regardless of not learning my lesson, it shall be done. I have until Sunday morning to finish both pieces. I think know I can do it!

Yesterday I did get to cutting into my precious wool! Phew! Now that is done, hopefully it will all go swimmingly from here on out. I also started cutting into my silk lining for the skirt. Did I show you that yet? It is beautiful. You can see it peeking out of the bottom of the photo below. I would have gotten more accomplished yesterday, but there was some Irish whiskey during the day that inhibited any further work. You know, St. Patrick and all.

I have been told I need to make a schedule for this week to ensure success. I have overestimated how long it will take to do all these steps, but I would rather be over-cautious than not. So. How does this sound:

Monday night: underline skirt with silk organza / cut out muslin of top / sew skirt lining front & back together
(bonus: sew top muslin or hand wash silk for top)

Tuesday: sew top muslin / wash silk / stay stitch skirt / sew center seams of skirt front & back / sew side seams / finish seams / interface yoke of skirt
(bonus: mark top pattern on silk)

Wednesday: mark top pattern on silk / figure out what to face skirt with???  (The silk lining may be too thin, the wool too bulky. I was thinking cotton broadcloth? Any other suggestions??)
(bonus: if all is done up to this point, go to bed early!)

Thursday: finish skirt lining / attach lining to skirt / attach yoke / hem lining and skirt
(bonus: cut silk for top) 

Friday: cut silk for top / construct blouse / hand-wash silk bias binding (which hopefully has arrived!) / cut bias binding
(bonus: start attaching bias binding to blouse)

Saturday: Finish everything that isn't done! 

Does that still sound over-ambitious? Or do you think I have allotted time wisely? Remember I still have work on all of the days except Thursday :) Go big, right?!?!

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!! That's quite a list but it looks like you've got it all worked out

    1. I just noticed I forgot to put installing the zipper in the there is probably more things I need to do! I have Monday done and half way through Tuesday schedule done! Hopefully there isn't any major snags :)

  2. Good luck! Hopefully you get in the "sewing zone" that place where everything goes together really well and you're super productive. Just remember not to stay up too late or mix sewing and wine (or cocktails)!

    1. Thanks! Don't you love it when that happens? I was definitely there this morning before work, I just hope it will the same when I get home!

  3. Yikes, good luck! At least you've figured out exactly what you need to do to get this done! That's half the battle!