Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 10: Gettin' Busy

Both fabrics look just the same as last week

So what did I accomplish last week? Not much in the way of physical proof. But mentally I accomplished a lot. Yep, all up here in my little brain. I just can't take any photos to prove it. Instead I will give you my favorite-of-all-time things on a Monday—a list.

This is what my my mind did last week:

1. I decided I will do my fabric prep for the skirt with the towel method for shrinkage. And thank you for all your helpful words and advice, although some scarier than others ;) I figured if someone is going to screw up this wool, it might as well be me. I will try to tackle this tonight or tomorrow. Full report will follow.

2. I also made up my mind on which pattern I will do for the top. The Burda one with the trim that I posted about the other day is the winner. Let's take a look at it again. I love it.

3. I actually have swatches of fabric for said trim on its way to me, along with the lining fabric for the skirt. When they arrive I will post and ask for your opinion again. Are you guys getting tired of giving me your opinions? I certainly hope not, I have soooo much more of that in store for you all.

This is what my mind *and* body will do this week:

1. Prep my wool. As scary as it will be (and it probably won't be that scary!) I need to get it done. The shower is three weeks from yesterday. It isn't getting any further away.

2. Muslin the skirt. I have traced the pattern, I just need to get into cutting and sewing the muslin. I have traced the size 12, which should be my size based on the pattern measurements. Since I have never worked with the Amazing Fit patterns, it will be interesting to see how that will go.

3. Trace the top. I am trying to figure out what kind of fabric to muslin this out of. I need to go through my stash and find something fluid and drapey to match the silk I am using.  This is what you all would do, if you are of the muslin-making sewing persuasion, right?

That will hopefully get me closer to getting this BSE, Bridal Shower Ensemble, off the ground. Sounds like a plan!

And away we go!!!!!


  1. Mental prep is just as important as physical prep. You'll be more confident when you start to cut and stitch!

    The blouse is very lovely, and I look forward to seeing what you make!

    1. It is important, isn't it! Sometimes I think it takes me longer to decide what to make and with what fabric then to actual sew anything! Ha! Thanks for the encouragement :)