Monday, January 10, 2011

Body Block: Sheath Dress Progress

The body block has been made, and from that I have created the pattern for my sheath dress. I altered the neckline and shoulder line of the dress. Above is a shot of all the pieces starched and ready to go. Once on my fabric I need to add ease to the pattern and add the length of dress plus hem.

Here is a shot of my fabric:

Shopping for fabric in New Hampshire is not nearly as fun as Rome. It is a wool/poly herringbone in a brown-black that I purchased at Joann's during their ridiculous holiday sales. It wasn't my first choice (which was 100% black wool) but this will work for the first time through; this at $7/yd was much easier on the wallet than $25/yd wool.  The dress is not lined, which I am still unsure about. Will that be itchy? Any thoughts?

The other thing that I came across in Simon's instructions were concerning the treatment of the center back panel. He simply states to add 3/8 inch to both side seams (side front and back) for the ease that I mentioned, but nothing about what to do with the back center seam which had 1.25 inches added to it during final-block stage. I noticed in the photo of the book that edge is turned under and a seam allowance is added to the center back. But nowhere does Simon himself mention any of that, neither turning under or adding. For those that want to use his book, keep this in mind. Speaking of his books, anyone get this yet?

I have also noticed that for some reason my center back is no longer a straight line down. I don't know where or why this has happened, but hopefully it won't cause any problems. This is why using inexpensive fabric is a must. I added length, very generously. You can always take away, it is much harder to add fabric later :)

And to those who so kindly responded to my sewing-machine paralysis, all your comments, instruction and encouragement are much appreciated. And look!:

I did it! Yay! 
It was for the bobbin, you guys are so smart.

My New Home is threaded, bobbined (if that isn't a word it should be!) and ready to sew this sheath. I am using my Husky to finish the edges and then on to the New Home to do the real work. So much progress this weekend on all fronts. Yay for progress! 


  1. Ah - you're on a roll now, no stopping you. Great news about New Home - it looks a beauty. I do have an old Singer but I use it for decoration - must try to see if it works - am really curious now. I wonder if my Bernina would mind - hmm. Can't wait to see the finished dress, and I do like the colour - you can make it later in that fab black wool fabric - which you might find in Rome.....just a thought.

  2. Thanks, Evelyne :) You should definitely dust off the old Singer and take it for a test drive! I'm sure your Bernina wouldn't mind some competition ;)

    As for the wool...I may...have...perhaps gone back to Joann's and purchased it with a 40% off coupon and then the super-great sales person sold the remainder of the bolt (almost another full yard) at 75% off! How could I say no to almost three yards of 100% black wool for around $10/yd! I know they have great stuff in Italy, but no coupons there! ;)