Sunday, December 12, 2010

Body Block Update: YAY!

Okay, so I finally have good news to report about the body block saga. I am done with it! Yay! And I *even* did the sleeve block this weekend as well. Sorry that there are no new pics for all of my block-done-ness. The last tweaks that I did in this post seemed to work out just right. Now, I have all my pieces and I can move forward to the sheath dress.

I (with everyone in the world) have another holiday coming up fast, along with a huge order for gift baskets to fill before the 21st. All these things may limit my time available to sew, but I will do what I can. I can always just have the sheath as my christmas frock. Doesn't brown wool scream "Holidays!"? What do you think?  ;)


I guess I should be happy to have made it his far. Once I do the sheath dress, the actual use, design and functionality of the block will be determined. But I have high hopes based on the final muslin. I will also have to tell you all about the sleeve block, which wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Stay tuned for the next installment....


  1. Congratulations on completing your body block! Still finishing Christmas party dress, so my body block will have to wait a bit longer. Interested to see if the block helps with your sheath dress. Sizing has always been my problem.

  2. Yay! I am soooo rooting for you!