Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Body Block Update: Grrrrr.

And that doesn't stand for Grrrrrreat! Nope. Not at all. So I am on the third round of fitting with the block. Well, technically I am on two and a half or something. But first let's back up to where we left off.

I took the cut pieces of my block and created the full block (at the is point it is only half) and cut from new muslin. Seam allowances were now added to each piece. Center front was cut on fold of fabric. Hip lines were aligned to get pieces straight. **Tip: make sure you get your hiplines as even as you can while on body; it will save you a headache during this process**

The first time I cut out the pieces, I tried it on by myself. Maybe this wasn't the smartest idea, since I couldn't join back center seam, but it seemed that my side back pieces were not smooth enough. I took out both side back pieces and redrew (smoothing my lumps to one continuous curve), recut and sewed back together.

Then I had Laurel come and pin baste me into the block. That was the actual round of fitting, so that is where the the second/third cutting comes into play. I had (again!) to cut out the side back pieces but now I needed a dart in the middle to take out some extra fabric. I also ended up taking some extra fabric along the armhole of the side front, so the side front pieces had to be recut also. The latter alteration was an example used in the book, so I know I am at least on the right track. At least I think.

Sorry that these photos are horrible. Crappy light and crappy phone pics.

Now I the block is sewn together with alterations and I just need to do the final pin basting of the center seam to make sure all alterations are correct. As you can see in the top photo, I am a bit bigger in the hips/thighs than my form. Can we say pear-shaped or what?! After that I can move on to the sheath. And eventually also do the sleeve block, which gives me the shivers. Then I will be done.

But as with all shiny new toys, this one is slowly growing tiresome. I want to sew something. That I can wear out of the house. I know if I continue this will help me achieve that goal, but man I wish it where a little more exciting. Sorry. Enough complaining.  :)

I think I know what the real problem is. All my favorite bloggers are creating these adorable holiday dresses and jackets and I want in on the fun too! I am going to finish this body block so I can use it to create the sheath dress. And then maybe I can get to the wrap dress before Christmas?? That may be some wishful thinking. Okay. I am going to go back to work on the block.


  1. "It will be worth it in the long run" - just keep saying this to yourself and it will be finished. I haven't started mine yet, but thanks to you, will have some reference point, when I get stuck - many thanks!!

  2. My 2 cents: don't sew under pressure! The more you want "a dress for the holidays" (in less than 2 weeks!) the more prone you are to make mistakes due to rush and impatience. I'm having a Xmas dress block myself and yesterday I was on the verge on giving up altogether. Now, I'm not going to, but maybe it'll be a New Years Eve dress. Or an Anniversary in March dress. Or whatever. Sewing it's supposed to be fun, not stress (I'm chanting this mantra a few times a day *sigh*).