Saturday, December 4, 2010

Apron Distraction

Sorry to let you all down. I'm sure you are waiting for phase two of the body block, but yesterday I had to sew an apron for a birthday present. It took me about four hours to finish from cutting the fabric to the last topstitch. Isn't it cute! Hopefully said recipient will appreciate it. And if you are reading this, Miss Recipient, and you don't like it — I will gladly take it back ;)

disregard the strange yellow areas on the stripe fabric, I promise they aren't there

I used this tutorial from lululollylegs, but took out the gathering of the apron. I wanted the look to much cleaner and a little less girly. I also made it reversible, so essentially I gave her two presents!  All the fabric I had hiding in my stash, which I am slowly trying to dwindle down. Key words are slowly and trying.

Today I am finishing the final fitting of the body block. I will post results soon. And if I find even more motivation somewhere (which might be tough the day after boozy birthday celebration), I will use the wool I recently got to make the sheath dress (which is project one in the book) from the body block. The wool is nothing great. It was a poly/wool blend from J's. It got it super cheap during there crazy sale this week. But I figured before I cut into the Mood silk for the wrap dress, Poly/Wool was something I could afford to mess up for the first project :)

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  1. It's a beautiful apron and I love the contrast in materials and the fact that it's reversible. Great work. I'm sure your friend will be very happy with this, I know I would. You have some pretty fabric there in your stash. Agree totally on using some 'not so precious' fabric to try out your pattern. Good luck.