Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Sewing and *New* Lessons Learned

As I do to myself every so often, I have decided to sew something for my niece fro Christmas. Now, after the last dress I made for her, I said never again. But I should never say never. This time around I was swayed by her recent excitement/interest in sewing, the fact that it is only a fleece bathrobe and (I'm sure mainly) because of such distance from the last project. And the pattern is adorable; a 1970's Simplicity robe and nightgown pattern that is too cute.

Lesson one: Keep patterns in safe place.

We purchased two patterns, a size four that had all pieces, but lacked instructions and a size one that had pieces *and* instructions. The problem arose when I went to go cut the size four pattern (which is the size we need) and all I could find was the size one. I have searched everywhere. The only thing I can think of is that we left it at the fabric store.

Lesson Two: fun with "cut and spread!"

As you can see from the photo, I had to add some room to the center front and center back back as well as to the length. This is my first attempt adding width/length to actual pattern pieces, usually I just add to the side seams or make my seam allowance smaller (so never very accurate). I also adjusted the back facing and collar. I traced the pattern and then cut and spread. Since this may only be worn once (which is a lesson I already learned), I figured this was a good project to fool around with this technique. I hope it works!

Lesson Three: Nap.

I don't want to talk about the direction it is *supposed* to run on all of my cut pieces. I am still too annoyed to think about it. It is fleece and she is four years old. Will she notice it is running in the wrong direction? I bet if I put some flowers or a bow on it, she won't notice at all :)

Lesson Four: Get all notions before you start!

How many times have I been by the fabric store in the past two weeks? I was even there tonight! Did I once pick up thread for this stupid project (and I know it is not the project that is stupid here) in all the trips? Nope. And I don't have anything in my stash of thread that is even close. I got all the cutting done and went to stitch my first seam and no thread. I give up for tonight. Tomorrow will be a better, brighter and smarter day.

Even with all my setbacks, I am still excited. Whether she wears it or not, tonight's lessons will hopefully be ingrained in my mind to avoid future mishaps. But I know some of them matter how I try. Does this happen to anyone else or am I alone in my stupidity?? ;)


  1. Hi Maggie - always learning, always forgetting one thing or another - so don't feel disheartened - it's all fun! I'm sure your niece will love her bathrobe - wish I had a little person to sew for - never mind (for now).

  2. No pics of the finished work? Put that new camera to use, girl.