Thursday, January 6, 2011

The sewing elves were a bit distracted...

...and realized too late that a size ONE sleeve should not be attached to an altered size FOUR bathrobe. Otherwise you end up with this:

It looks like I made it for a little T-Rex. (And those pockets are in the same place on either side, it just looks funny because of they way it is laying. I swear!)

Can you all guess how long she wore this on Christmas morning? Literally two seconds. Two! Although she is not built like a t-rex, so I don't blame her. The other problem I ran into was the facing. As you can see it is rather fluffy fleece. Imagine, if you will, a double fleece collar (top and lower) the facing of the robe *and* the layer of the actual robe all being sandwiched together. It was not a pretty sight and my sewing machine was not happy at all about the bulky-ness. I hand stitched the facing down to the seam allowances but it still kept rolling forward with all that bulk. 

Maybe I should have foregone the facings all together? But then how would I finished the seams on the collar? Or done the facings (and maybe the under collar) in something thinner? Cotton? Muslin? Any suggestions?

The trim is cute. And (again) that pocket isn't nearly as wonky as it looks in the photo. It all looks cute in real life! Well, the direction of nap is still crazy, as this picture shows :)

I would say that I won't try this pattern again since I didn't have the right size, BUT.....

Guess what I found the other day??

Hidden on a chair under books! Now there is no excuse. This time around I *will* check the direction of the fabric pile/nap and I will figure out a solution for the facings. Well, I hope someone will enlighten me here, and tell me what I should do concerning the facings :) But I will attempt it again with another fleece fabric that we bought for the second robe, this one is slightly thinner. And this time I don't have to be sneaky about making it and can fit it directly on her. No more t-rex arms! Yay!

And as for those waiting for my sheath dress —it is coming. The countdown back to Rome is 11 days. It will be done. I will pack it with me. That is my mission!

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  1. Okay - it does seem a bit bulky. How about using a different fabric altogether for the collar - same tones but as a contrast. Would that work? It would lighten it a bit. You could always detach and replace. Well done - I would have lost it well and truly early in the piece. Have fun in Rome!!