Thursday, January 27, 2011

Swing Dress: Taped and Traced

This is what my day looked like yesterday afternoon. The top photo is just the first page paid out togther, but not taped yet. The first page had twenty pages to tape together, the second page had 25! It took my about an hour and a half to complete both pages. Although I did have a cheese break in the middle :)

Here are both sheets done:

Pretty cool, eh? The next step was to get my tracing paper out and trace my size. I wish I had taken pictures of that. It was quite a sight. What I do have is the mayhem after the fact when I had to alter some of the pieces. I ended up shortening the front bodice and the back by an inch. I took some ease out of the sleeve head per Casey's tutorial, which is great since it used this pattern as its example. And I even had time to shorten the sleeves. It was very productive day!

Oh yeah, *and* I finished the apron I was working on. So besides a bow tie, which I am currently drawing the pattern for now, I am only one step away from finishing my x-mas sewing. It is a long apron, which I have to say was slightly easier than the shorter one I made for a friend while at home. If said friend, who is coming to visit soon (yay!), would still like a long apron, she should let me know ;)

I would show you a picture, but for some reason all the photos I took of the apron won't upload. I would take more, but alas the apron is now with its owner. So you will have to take my word for it that it was cute. Because it was, dammit.

Ah, technology.


  1. Boy - you've done well with those pieces of paper. Are you making it in the red material? That was my favourite.

  2. I'm so jealous! How productive you are. I'll be getting to this over the weekend instead since I lack the tracing paper and drapey muslin. :)

    Did you need to do a sba? I have to do it for the first time for this pattern and I'm dreading it.

  3. Liz, I was very hesitant about the sba. I have attempted one before, but never finished the garment to see if it worked :/

    I struggled with which to do first—the sba or shortening the bodice. I ended up doing the sba after the shortening...and the muslin will tell all soon :)

  4. I just joined the sewalong. Ordered the dress pattern today. Can't wait to see the results of our dresses!

  5. Cindy, glad you joined in! I am very excited, although I am still having second thoughts on final fabric choice...