Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's About Time: A Body Block

I have had this book for about a year now, and I haven't had a chance (or made time) for making a body block, or a sloper of myself (those are the same things, right?). This part of the book is essential for completing any of the patterns included, hence why no progress has been made.

Anyway. I have researched online for anyone who has made a body block with Simon Henry's method, but no dice. I also checked to see if anyone has even completed any of the patterns in the book and again nothing. Clearly, I will have to be the first to do it, or at least the first to talk about it (maybe there is a reason no one has said anything?) Since I am back at home in the US with the advantage of a sewing partner, my own machine and plenty of muslin I think the time is right.

The book, if you haven't ever picked it up, is worth a perusal. I have read it cover to cover and I thought it was very well written and his photos and instructions are easy to read and understand. He starts at the basics with a straight seam, but talks about darts, finishing seams, zipper insertion and has a great section on different hemming techniques. Granted, I have not actually sewn anything from this book, but this is my new well as making this top (inspired by this review) and finishing some hemming from a christmas present from last year.

Anyone ever made a body block before? Any tips? The possibility of making the dresses that are in the book (a sheath, a wrap dress and a strapless-boned creation) are exciting. I will try to remember to document the process and see where it leads — hopefully to the wrap dress. I am always a little hesitant about these big undertakings, but we will see. Body block here I come!


  1. Hi Maggie, I've got that book too, but have been so busy, haven't had time to really read 'cover to cover' but I will. I have always wanted to make a sloper/block but, like everything else, haven't put the time aside to do this. Would love to know how you go putting yours together. Many thanks.

  2. Hi Maggie, re the lining for the skirt - I bought the lining from Tessuti Fabrics (Melbourne store)- They do have online shopping and they ship o/s. I tried to find the lining doing a search but came up with nothing. They have so much fabric that some of it doesn't make the online store. Am going in today, so will ask them about o/s enquiries and will let you know. Ps. Do you have email or should I do another post? Cheers - Evelyne.

  3. Hi Maggie!
    You're my hero!
    Just as you did, I did an online search for people who've actually used Simon Henry's method. Seems this is the book everyone loves to rave about but no one actually makes.
    One of my New Year's Resolutions is to get back into sewing after a more than ten year break. And my plan is to use the LBD book to ease back into it.
    So, I'll be following your progress with baited breath. Thanks for posting your experiences!