Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rome: the last few days...

My first stint in Rome is slowly coming to a close. I have two days left in this lovely city, then back to the frigid Northeast. After a two month stay back at home, I will be back her in January and will stay until June.

This has been a nice refresher course in living in Italy again, especially as a non-student. When I come back in January, I will have a better understanding of what I need with me and what I can acquire here. Being in Rome again is nice after a eight year hiatus from the country. Things here have not changed too drastically, so there is some comfort in things I remember, like which bus gets me back home to the apartment :)

I have two days to finish my projects that currently take up the dining room. The Simplicity dress is the last garment I will finish and I also offered to hem a few pairs of pants for one of the faculty (double fold hem, not what I was expecting.) All in all I will have finished one skirt, one snuggie, one dress (hopefully) and three pairs of hemmed pants. I think those combined with a three trips (Cinque Terre, Lisbon and Paris), it has been a good couple of months. Tomorrow will be filled with last minute shopping for the holidays, finishing up my projects and starting to get myself packed. 

The parting is bittersweet. I don't want to leave my husband and the city and yet I am excited to return to the states. I miss my family, my sewing machine, I have now decided that I have the courage to explore my vintage sewing machine, and I have a few projects that I would like to get done at home. I have no doubt that the next two months will fly by as the past two months have. Before I know it, I will be back in Rome, back on my bus and on my way home.

Ciao Roma!

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