Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 16: Multicrafting

Hello, my sewing pals! Sorry this is a little later than usual this week.

First off I just want to say this: As you know I live about an hour north of Boston and have grown up watching and hearing about the Boston Marathon. It always announced the real start of Spring in New England for me. Unfortunately it will never be the same again. Thankfully, everyone I know that was there is home safe and sound. One of my cousins crossed the finish line fifteen seconds before the first bomb went off and was a safe distance away, but I know there were many people that were not so lucky. Hard to shake off, especially since we know so little of the why and how. My heart goes out to all the families that were affected by this senseless tragedy.

Okay. On to lighter subjects.
So, this week I have really started to doubt my sanity. You all know that I LOVE to push the limit of what I can make, right? Those who know me in real life are probably already shaking their heads (I am looking at you Laurel, Anne and Jen!), but this week I have decided to take my desire to produce certain hand-made goods to a new level. This week I have three crafts going:

  1. Sewing: I am awaiting my fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics to make my final Laurel in bronze/black lace over black charmeuse for my sister's bachelorette party which is next weekend, the 26th-28th in an undisclosed major city. Let's just say that I would be in the neighborhood of a huge fabric district that I won't be able to see. Sonja, I so wish I could meet you, but maybe next trip!
  2. Knitting: Because I keep seeing such amazing things by Liz and Lauren that the need to knit my first sweater is just too strong to ignore. I bough the yarn in December and have finally settled on a pattern. No deadline for this one. What is that you ask? A scarf for my future-brother-in-law that I mentioned here in December(!!)?? Yeah. That is still on the needles where it will stay for awhile. He can wait. It is getting warmer! ;)
  3. Cross-Stitch: my first foray into this craft! Another urge (perhaps an upcoming wedding) has started this craziness. I can't go into to too much detail in case the bride herself is reading, but I will share soon enough. The wedding is in just over a month. How long does cross-stitch take, anyway??
I know I still owe you shots of my finished Laurel (so behind!!) but I will get to it soon!

Tell me, do you try your hand at too many projects in multiple crafts at one time? How do you keep up with it all?? I might need some tips! Haha!!  :)

Keep safe, everyone!


  1. Hi Maggie, firstly very sad to hear of the tragedy in Boston. We are all thinking of you at this time. On a lighter note, yes I have done lots of crafty things. I always knit at night because I can't just sit idle, unless there's a riveting show on the tv. Well done on starting to knit - it's a relaxing craft and you get to wear the finished product. I think you'll really enjoy knitting and can't wait to see your first project - so well done !!!

    1. Thanks, Evelyne! I hope Hawaii was amazing!!

  2. I'm so glad that you and your cousin are OK, but I'm really sorry and sad about the whole situation. What a tragedy.

    As far as multicrafting goes, I'm pretty crummy at it! I used to knit all the time, but I find myself so absorbed by sewing in my spare time that I rarely do it! I've had an unfinished sweater hanging around for a year now! But thanks for the reminder-- I've got to pull it out and start working on it!

    Good luck with all your projects!!

    1. I will say that all of your projects on Ravelry are pretty inspiring! I can only hope to have a gallery as good looking as yours! Good luck with that sweater :)