Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 15: Spring has sprung!

From the flower vendor near my shop

Finally! New Hampshire it is starting to get warm. It is even supposed to get up to 70 degrees tomorrow! That is very exciting news indeed. The weather is fickle here when it comes to spring and an April snow storm is not unlikely, but it seems like we have finally turned the corner towards warmth and sunshine.

As excited as I am about this week, let's talk a minute about last week. It was not warm here, but I was productive. I don't know if those are related or not, we will find out soon ;) I made two Laurels. One from muslin fabric (unwearable) and one from a nice black Dotted Swiss fabric. This I will show to you this week. I also attended the Colette Cocktail party at Grey's Fabric in Boston on Saturday night, which was a great time. That is kind of an understatement, it was awesome! I will share with you all of my pictures from the event as well. Probably tomorrow. Today will be a quickie :)

This week on my agenda is the following:
  1. Enjoy the weather.
  2. Write post about Colette event.
  3. Take pictures of my finished Laurel.
  4. Sit outside in sunshine. 
  5. Start something new. Maybe a fun new dress? (the bachelorette party is around the corner! Any suggestions??)
  6. Order fabric for Laurel contest.
  7. Enjoy the weather some more!
That is it for me this week? How is the weather where you are? Anything exciting on your sewing list this week?

Have a great Monday!


  1. I'm going to the New York Colette party! I look forward to seeing your photos from the Boston one. :) It was warm today here in NYC, which felt nice. Supposed to be even warmer the next few days - we had the windows open at work!

    By the way, the different color tomatoes at the end of each of your posts are just so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Amanda!

      You will have a blast at the party!! And I am so glad about the warm weather, but I might have spoken too soon for up here. At least I got a few nice days :) Have a great time! Which Colette pattern are you going to wear, if any at all??

    2. I plan on wearing my navy blue Oolong dress! It was either that or the Parfait, but depending on the weather I think the Oolong will work nicely.

    3. That will be perfect! Remember to take pictures, I only remembered to snap a few right before we left! Have a great time :)

  2. Sounds like fun - no pressure, just enjoy the sunshine and your beautiful daffodils. I've rested up in Hawaii and am now ready to forge ahead with gardening and sewing. Have a great week.