Sunday, October 12, 2014

Does Willie Nelson like pink?

You would think that I love to punish myself. I am, yet again, giving myself another deadline before a vacation. I am leaving on Tuesday for San Antonio to see my sister, but while I am there I am going to see...can you guess? Willie Nelson! I bet you smarty-pants probably figured out by my super mysterious post title. I can't get anything past you.

Now. Let's talk Western Shirts.

Similar to eating lobster, I have never really been a fan of them until about a year ago. One day something about their bound yokes and pearly snap buttons started calling my name. Then Rochelle posted this amazing shirt a few weeks aback (with tutorial!) and I was sold. The Archer had been on my list of patterns to get for a while now, and with Rochelle's tutorial available, I pulled the trigger. And I promise, that is the last cheesy western joke. Maybe.

It was now time to find the perfect fabric for this shirt and the only thing I knew was I wanted plaid. I did toss around the idea of maybe using one of my precious Liberty prints, but figured if this one goes well, I can always make another one. So plaid was it. And, guys, there are a lot of plaids out there! Most of them, unfortunately, look more like something I would make into a business shirt for my husband, until I found this Marc Jacobs line on Mood:

I really wanted the turquoise color way, but since I already have a plaid flannel that is similar, I decided to take a chance on the pink instead. And when it arrived, wow—was it pink! I would show you a picture, but it is currently in the washing machine doing its pre-sewing thing. The only thing I was surprised about was in the description it says it being double faced, which I assumed would be the lighter fabric. Nope. It is backed with the gray. I am thinking of using that for the contrasting yokes. Thoughts? 

And you know how fate confirmed that I *have* to make a western shirt? When I was doing my last vintage show I bought this pattern for only a dollar!!

See! Now, I know I could use this pattern for the whole shebang, but I really want to make a few Archers for my closet anyway so I figured it was better to muslin and alter that instead. I might use their yoke shape for my shirt though.

Definitely not the pants. Yee-haw!

Wish me luck! Or shake your heads in doubt :)


  1. Haha! Ask me about growing up in the West--in the town that to this day hosts the California rodeo.

    1. Way cooler than growing up in Portsmouth, I bet :) I can't wait to hear about it!!