Monday, July 1, 2013

Week Some-Number: Summer Check In :)

photos by this lovely couple 

Wait...wouldn't the week be 26? Half-way through the year? Hmmmm....

Whatever. Anyway.
It is the first of July already! Wow! I am not really sure how that happened but it did. It has been a little while since I last posted, so I wanted to put up something to let you know that I am still here and desperately missing writing and sewing for my little corner of the internets. I have been very busy since I last posted and I thought I would give you some of the details of what has been happening:

  • The Wedding: my sister got married on Memorial Day in Maine. It was beautiful, even though the weather did NOT cooperate. Honestly, between you, me and the rest of you out there, I actually think that the rain made the whole event just lovely. The ceremony ended up in a cozy cabin that when I walked in, the work of the florists completely took my breath away. The whole thing became cozy, intimate (even with 100+ people!), rustic-ly beautiful and personal. My sister, the bride, will hopefully one day believe this. Even though there are a thousand pictures and memories to prove it right now. 
  • The Surgery: my husband went through a hip replacement at the beginning of last month and all is going great! He is quite young for the surgery (42) but between early arthritis and a torn labrum it all became so unbearable that surgery was necessary. But the patient is doing fine!! And so is his nurse! (That is me. In case you didn't know.)
  • The condo: Boo :( It is still on the market and we are just waiting for that *right* person to come in and whisk it off its feet. Or just make a reasonable offer. Either one will work for me! No new sewing room, as of yet.
  • The Sewing: ummm....nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Big heavy sigh. But I did stumble upon a few garments that never made it blog-side. I will post one later this week.
  • The Knitting: I took this Craftsy course and am about to embark on my first sweater tonight! Wheee!!
  • The Fleaver: my obsession with flea markets may be getting the best of me. That one might require multiple posts!
Quite a lot has been on my plate the last few months. Soon enough I hope I will be able to get back to my sewing machine and patterns. I have consoled myself with looking at all the garments that everyone else has made. Unfortunately this causes my list of "must have" patterns to grow with each day and each post (and you all have been busy!). I need to sew something soon! Maybe something easy like an apron? Any other quick and dirty projects that will kill the "must. sew. now" bug? What project do you pull out when you need a quick hit?

I am all ears :)

Finally a parting shot of me and the bride:

See you later this week! Have a great Monday :)


  1. How stunning you both look!!! Blushing bride and a very proud sister - absolutely gorgeous. I'm with you - doesn't matter about a bit of rain (we had a sun shower just when we were leaving our reception/restaurant and the photo that was taken was fantastic). Maine - on our list - we are staying in Boothbay Harbor (Hodgdon Island to be precise) for 4 days to explore the area in October this year - already booked - can't wait!! Am sending you lots of good luck from Australia via this internet, so that your condo will sell!!! No sewing? I always get the knitting needles out, especially at night. Try hand stitching lining into a jacket - that's my next lesson in couture sewing. Sorry to hear about your husband's op, but on the positive side, he is young and will recover better than if it was done in his latter years - there's always a positive. Wishing you all the best....Cheers Evelyne.

    1. Thank you, Evelyne! You will love Maine, and October will be such a pretty time of year up there with the fall colors!! You know, I do have a hem that still needs to be hand stitched down, so maybe I will grab that which will finally finish it off! It will be a win-win! :)

  2. Ahhh, your sister looks so beautiful! Big congratulations!

    1. Thank you! It was such a fun time, but definitely exhausting :)

  3. You and your sister look absolutely beautiful. That's a lovely photo at the top of your post, too. So you're starting to knit: You know that will give you a whole new opportunity to covet/stash patterns and yarns, right? Best of luck on getting that new sewing room and on helping your husband recover quickly -- not necessarily in that order!

    1. Patricia, you are not kidding about a whole new world of stuff to stash! I am currently just hoarding yarn, but I am sure patterns will soon follow. And Ravelry?!?! That site is amazing! Thanks for the kind words, and I will do my best with the recovery and the sewing room ;) See you soon at the cheese shop!!

  4. Hope you sell the condo soon and hope that you can squeeze in some sewing time!! Good luck on the sweater =)