Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday: NYE edition

I know since it is New Year's Eve I should pause and reflect on this year of sewing and life, think about what mattered most this year, and put 2012 in perspective. But, that isn't going to happen today. Maybe tomorrow instead? We will see ;) I do have some goals for this week, but before I get to those, let me go over last week's progress.

I wanted to get to the hemming stage of the Gathering Glory/Vogue 8728 dress and I did it. It did not go as smoothly as anticipated, but I will go into more detail later this week. Check out my hand stitching on the sleeve:

Pattern organization! I did start that this week as well. I showed you all my secret weapon of Bento that is helping along. My patterns have at least all been put in one place (a big basket) in my sewing area, but they still need some attention and love.

The scarf. Sigh. It is a beautiful wool/silk red scarf with a cool herringbone pattern. I should probably show you a picture of this, so you know that I am not making it up. It is not too difficult, but not an easy enough pattern for me to do it blindly, so this is taking longer. I did get another couple inches done on that. So I say I squeaked by on that one this week.

Now, what about this week, the first week of 2013?

1. Hem and photograph Vogue 8728. I should be able to hem this on New Year's Day, and then maybe take photos after that. I would like to be able to put this pattern and dress to rest. The fabric and color is beautiful and I do love brown, but even for me it is getting tiresome to look at!

2. Decide what is next. It should probably be my niece's dress, but I will see what else piques my interest. I don't really feel like sewing for someone else at this moment, especially someone who might not react the way I want her to when it is finished. But I know that is a possibility whenever I chose to sew for my niece. She did seem excited about the pattern and fabric, so maybe this time will be different? Fingers crossed.

3. I said possibly no reflection on 2012, but I think this week I will look forward. I will draw up a list of what I want 2013 to be for me. Nothing too crazy, but maybe a couple of goals to reach for.

4. Share with you the most amazing lasagna recipe. I thought it was amazing. That is all that matters. ;)

Tonight we will have a low key New Year's Eve with Crispy Crowns, corn dogs and buffalo chicken dip. Probably a movie and some drinks as well. It has been a long and weary holiday season (and year, as I think of it) for me and tonight is the end of it all. I will most likely be in bed by ten and I will love it. Have a safe and happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year Maggie!! Wishing you a fantastic 2013!!